"Our life is what we create it to be."


The notebook with soul.

Bring your growth journey onto the next level with this mindfulness notebook. One guided meditation and twelve beautiful affirmations are waiting to help you develop that inner peace and joy.

Show me the magic


Magical Affirmation Card Deck

Get all the guidance and support you need on your inner growth journey towards joy, happiness and inner peace.

Deepen your connection with the Universe and open up to the guidance that is always available.


Find the perfect gift

You want to surprise a loved one with something special this year? These art prints are the perfect gift if you search for a meaningful present and don't want to give yet another flower bouquet.


    What we surround ourselves with, we create more of.


    What we think of, we manifest.

Meet the Artist

Valerie Soleil is a free spirited soul born in Vienna, Austria. She is striving to help people on their individual growth journey and to create mental health awareness.

Bringing joy and peace into people's everyday lives through sharing all the light and love she sees in this world is what she is striving to do. She launched her shop with the goal of bringing the feeling of never ending summer into your life - so anyone can take their mind on a colorful vacation.

May the Sun always warm your face,

the Moon lighten your path and

the Stars watch over you.

- Valerie Soleil x

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